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Trust, Reputation & Credibility

When a person or organisation’s reputation, freedom, future, or financial stability is affected by something someone says or does, it is important to know that they have your best interests in mind. Credibility assesses that communication to ensure it is presented with integrity.

Core Competencies

Our credibility assessments help organisations and executives evaluate the veracity of information and determine the credibility of individuals.

We combine a range of techniques, including behavioural analysis, linguistic analysis, and investigative research, to provide a deep understanding of a person’s true intent.

Credibility's assessments are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether it involves evaluating potential employees, assessing the credibility of witnesses, validating statements made, or identifying
potential insider threats.

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The Value of Knowing the Truth.

Trust, reputation and credibility are valuable attributes that no one can afford to lose. However, these attributes are quickly lost when lying. Lying is typically attributed to an individual, however, in some instances it can be institutionally embedded and propagated accordingly.

Credibility helps individuals and organisations determine whether a person is telling the truth and in context, whether an organisation is operating with integrity. Our unique offering is informed by science and academic research, and our decades-long industry experience and participation.

The Core of Credibility

Credibility provides insight into human factors that contribute to an individual’s integrity, or lack thereof. We offer support to establish the truth and/or confirm the veracity of statements made or actions taken by employees, partners, business leaders, politicians, or others whose behaviour significantly affects a wider community.

Credibility observes and analyses the way in which people communicate, when it really matters. Under pressure, people ‘leak’ indicators that can give away their intentions, whether it be the truth or a lie. Using scientifically proven methods, we use those indicators to determine a person’s true thoughts or intent.

To provide these services, we rely on behavioural intelligence obtained via linguistic profiling, statement analysis, interviews, and credibility assessments; all of which help to identify linguistic and visual cues exhibited by people with malicious or deceptive intent.

Our Services

Our credibility assessment services are available to support any scenario where establishing the truth is fundamental. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Insider threat, fraud, and theft investigations
  • Political candidate preselection
  • Personnel security vetting and ongoing suitability assessments
  • Pre-employment interviews inc. executive appointments
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Negotiations
  • Witness statements
  • Litigation veracity and legal depositions

The preemptive discovery of untruthful or questionable statements or actions can help to avoid poor decisions, and better inform stakeholders during delicate negotiations, and other scenarios, such as those listed above.

Linguistic Profiling and Analysis

The provision of linguistic analysis helps us to identify potential threat actors and validate threats made against our clients, whether individuals or organisations. We engage techniques such as sentiment and keyword analysis, as well as linguistic profiling, to detect linguistic patterns and features consistent with known threats or communication from other individuals or groups. We can assess the likelihood of a threat being carried out and, in some cases, identify the author of anonymous communication that poses a risk to our clients’ safety or reputation. Our linguistic support is informed and backed by proven technology, academic research, and experience gained from decades of practical application.

Concerned an employee lacks credibility?

Our specialist team can help to confirm their integrity.

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Received anonymous threats?

We can help analyse for intent and sometimes, determine the author.


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