Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM]

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Professional Surveillance Detection

Engage our experienced technical surveillance countermeasure professionals to sweep your offices and meeting rooms. We service private and government sectors and have been doing so since 2000. We are passionate and committed to our craft - as any of our clients will confirm.


What you say in confidence is your business. Keeping it confidential is ours.

Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) services
help ensure that our clients’ sensitive information is not being compromised by electronic eavesdropping devices. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the latest equipment and training, to detect and locate hidden listening devices or other surveillance threats that may be in play. These services are supported by detailed recommendations on our findings, and options for effective mitigation to enhance the protection of your sensitive or
classified information.

Our Tailored TSCM Approach

Know What You Don’t Know

Be prepared! We leverage our experience, relationships, and our open-source intelligence capabilities to best inform us of the context surrounding all our TSCM engagements – before we start. Ethics and integrity are paramount.

Plan, Check, Prepare

We ensure that the right team-members are allocated tasks commensurate with their experience. Once confirmed, appropriate radio frequency baselines are gathered, reconnaissance is conducted, and our team is briefed.

Let’s Get Physical

Once onsite, physical inspections are undertaken of all accessible areas including ceilings, fittings, furniture, power, light, and data outlets. Physical searches are the crux of any TSCM task. We leave no stone unturned.

Tech Threat Takedown

Technical inspections use purpose built radio receivers, non-linear junction detectors, broadband receivers and more to identify rogue technology that might be spying on your organisation. We’ve got it all covered (or uncovered!).
Don't become a victim of eavesdropping

Effective TSCM Solutions.

Purchasing electronic bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras and other eavesdropping devices is an easy process, particularly via online merchants where anonymity is maintained.

The use of these spying devices presents a genuine threat to the integrity of confidential discussions and business activities alike. However, such threats can be detected by engaging experienced technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) professionals (often referred to as ‘bug sweepers’).

Jayde Consulting are global leaders in the provision of thorough technical and physical TSCM inspections or sweeps of corporate and government offices or meeting rooms (including zoned areas/SCIFs). Backed by decades of practical experience and focused ongoing research, we use dedicated surveillance detection equipment, systems and strategies to locate electronic eavesdropping devices and related threats to your privacy and/or the integrity of your organisation.

What you say in confidence is your business. Keeping it confidential is ours.

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