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Who We Are

Jayde Consulting was founded by Julian Claxton in 2000 and with significant investment in technology and training, we’ve since grown into a brand synonymous with counterespionage and intelligence expertise. The provision of technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) services, insider threat management, eavesdropping detection (bug sweeps), behavioural threat intelligence and credibility analysis is our core focus. We are committed to ensuring that client’s requirements are attended to efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

How We're Different

There is no substitute for having the best people, and we are very proud of ours. Our team are internationally qualified; continue to travel all over the world supporting our clients with counterespionage and intelligence services; and what’s more, we absolutely love what we do. Jayde Consulting has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, and for some of the most senior of executives and officials. Most importantly, we are confident that the services we offer, are informed, and the most thorough available in the region.

Core Team

Ian P.

General Manager

Ian lives and breathes security and countersurveillance. With over 30 years of hands-on experience, Ian is well positioned to handle our client's counterespionage requirements. Ian has a well-respected background, having worked with major corporates and government, establishing and maintaining their physical and electronic security requirements and countersurveillance needs.

Cameron O.

TSCM Lead Specialist

Cameron is an experienced and licensed electrician with an impressive passion for technical surveillance countermeasures. Trained in Australia and the USA, Cameron has undertaken physical and technical searches of scores of offices and meeting rooms locally and abroad. Cameron is a proud practitioner, and has had first-hand experience finding covert electronic surveillance devices (bugs) for our clients.

Julian C.

Founder & Managing Director

Julian is a Masters qualified behavioural analyst who offers more than 25 years of security, surveillance, investigations and eavesdropping detection (bug sweep) experience. A seasoned company director, he is also globally active within the security and intelligence community. He has assisted hundreds of companies and executives with their counterespionage, security, and trusted insider management requirements.

Matthew S.

TSCM Search Specialist

Matthew joined Jayde Consulting soon after completing his degree in counterterrorism, after which he decided to focus on counterespionage and related technical threats. Matthew has undertaken hundreds of inspections for our clients, and demonstrates an innate ability to identify unique vulnerabilities within our client's facilities, particularly in sensitive government environments.

Neal M.

Interstate TSCM Coordinator

Neal is a seasoned operator with emergency management, security, risk and operations experience both in hostile environments and the domestic Government and commercial sector. A former special forces soldier, Neal offers our clients highly specialised search skills that he applies when working on technical surveillance countermeasure engagements.

Georgina F.

Personal Assistant

Georgina mostly manages Julian's day to day requirements, however, she is also a tremendous research support. Georgina has a psychology degree, and is currently studying a double masters in intelligence, security and strategic studies. Her academic experience helps to support our team with up-to-date knowledge on trends and threats facing our client organisations.