Espionage Prevention

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Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

A familiar saying, but one that holds considerable value. It is one thing to conduct counter surveillance inspections, or undertake internal risk and threat assessments, but it is another to be able to preempt issues within your organisation. We can help you to identify emerging threats, before they become a problem.

Espionage Prevention

Jayde Consulting will assist your organisation to prepare against incidents of information theft, espionage, sabotage, or other similar activities, likely to have an adverse impact on your business.

We leverage the power of behavioral intelligence to identify emerging threats within organisations. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology, enabling us to identify verbal and non-verbal indicators of stress indicative of deception among employees. By detecting potential anomalies, we provide actionable outcomes that mitigate the risk of our clients becoming the victim of nefarious behavior. Our goal is to help prevent reputation damage and financial losses due to unexpected events.

Be prepared.

Protect Your Information

The better prepared your organisation is, the less likely you’ll be a victim of espionage. Most organisations have available a ready stream of intelligence, which can be used to implement strategies to protect your most valuable information. Jayde Consulting can help to identify this intelligence, analyse the findings, and recommend effective insider threat management controls.

Typical examples of such intelligence streams include; access control logs, closed circuit television footage, file transfer logs, and behavioural analysis. Upon review and once patterns are established, anomalies can be identified and used to flag other possible scenarios where espionage or information theft may occur.

In simple terms, the effective review of internal intelligence streams, may assist to predict an emerging, unwanted trend. 

We are innovators in this field and have worked with scores of organisations to better protect them by way of preventative insider threat management support.

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