Company & Team

We help you protect your ideas and critical information. We do this via the provision of electronic bug sweeps and espionage prevention strategies.

Who we are

Jayde Consulting was founded by Julian Claxton in 2000 and with significant investment in technology and training, we've since grown into a brand synonymous with counterespionage expertise. The provision of technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) services, espionage prevention consulting and eavesdropping detection (bug sweeps) is our core business. We are committed to ensuring that clients’ requirements are attended to efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

How we’re different

There is no substitute for having the best people, and we are very proud of ours. Our team are internationally qualified; have travelled all over the world supporting our clients with counterespionage services; and what's more, we absolutely love what we do. Jayde Consulting has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including several of the top 100 companies listed in Forbes’ Global 2000. Most importantly, we are confident that the services we offer, are the most thorough available in the region.

Core Team

Julian C.

Founder & Managing Director

Julian offers more than 25 years of security, surveillance, investigations and eavesdropping detection (bug sweep) experience. A seasoned company director, he is also globally active within the security and intelligence community. He has assisted hundreds of companies and executives with their counterespionage and security requirements.

Cameron O.

TSCM Search Specialist

Cameron is an experienced and licensed electrician with an impressive passion for technical surveillance countermeasures. Trained in Australia and the USA, Cameron has undertaken physical and technical searches of scores of offices and meeting rooms locally and abroad. Cameron is a proud practitioner, and has had first-hand experience finding covert electronic surveillance devices (bugs) for our clients.

Timothy D.

IT Security Principal

Timothy lives and breathes IT Security. With over 20 years of hands-on exerience, Timothy is well positioned to handle our clients' information technology related counterespionage requirements. Timothy has a well-respected background, having worked with major corporates', establishing and maintaining their internal security requirements. Like most of us, Timothy regularly travels supporting a range of global clients.

Above, are just a few of our specialists.

Our unique talent comprises not only highly skilled surveillance detection specialists, but also counter-intelligence personnel and behavioural analysts.

Our ethical stance is unquestionable.

We do not represent any products or unrelated services. We do not install or sell listening devices and we only consult to professional and ethical organisations. Furthermore, confidentiality is paramount.

We love to contribute and share our knowledge.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Julian Claxton is a long-serving member of the security profession and is well respected by his peers.

Julian has presented to and/or represented numerous specialist forums / organisations, some of which include:

  • Espionage Research Institute (USA) - Numerous technical presentations delivered over several years
  • NSW Judicial Commission - Presentation on Covert Surveillance: Use and Abuse
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Institute (TSCMi), UK Founder Member.
  • Thomson Reuters - Panelist on Cyber-breach session | ASEAN Regulatory Summit (Singapore)
  • ASIS International, Australian Conference - Presentation on The Financial Crisis and Corporate Espionage
  • Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers - Presentation titled BUGINT: The Application of Technical Intelligence [Delivered in Singapore & Hong Kong] | Current Boardmember
  • Australasian Council of Security Professionals, Chairman of Govt. Relations Advisory Board (2009-2012)
  • Building Services Contractors Association of Australia, Chairman NSW Security Division (2006-2012)
  • Security Industry Council (Dept. Premier & Cabinet, NSW Government) - Invited Member (2008-2012)
  • NSW Police State Crime Command SLED Advisory Council - Advisor (2012-2014)

We are experienced providers of eavesdropping detection and espionage prevention consulting services, who consider our clients our most valuable asset.